Introducing you to the digital unverse


The fact, quality, or condition of being singular. Uniqueness

Superintelligence triggering runaway technological growth

A system taking on an infinite value, such as a black hole

A significant source of value in a pivotal time of change

We are the definition of Singularity

Governor Cuomo's $10 Million Dollar

Downtown Revitalization Initiative Grant

Our Client: New Rochelle's Department of Development

Our historically disadvantaged community of color needs large scale reformation.

We cut interviews of local leaders to present their vision into soundbites.

We sub-contracted a local, minority-owned cinematographer.

In September 2018, Singularity

got the call (Really, a text)...

Now, we have $10 Million Dollars to “revitalize” our home.

Our Bread & Butter. Tell us your problems & opportunities. We plan, execute & manage solutions through programs. Our mission, to bring you whichever solutions you need most.

Project Management

Singularity helps your organization maximize your geographic reach. We get your brand, products, & services in front of your target market.

Marketing Strategy

Our leadership is plugged into political organizations & social movements. Leverage our PR strategies to move the needle on public engagement.

Public Relations

From an end-user perspective, Singularity manages your product and service lifecycle to help you maximize on the value you provide to your most valuable consumers.

Product Management

In our world of short attention spans, media is crucial for consumer engagement. Singularity designs or produces attractive creative media with influential advertising appeals.

Creative New Media

We help you differentiate through innovation, or adopt your industry's most successful best practices. With the right strategy, your competitor might become your next best client.

Competitive Strategy

Not just "sales". Let us introduce you to a consumer orientation. We help design your sales pipeline & POS to increase transaction size and frequency, while bringing in referrals.

Business Development

We uncover the motivations of your clients, their decision makers & gatekeepers. Fostering long-term, mutually beneficial relationships leads to organizational success.

Client Relations

Last in order. First in importance. Singularity measures and presents your key performance indicators, to help you make data driven decisions which maximize growth & quality.

KPIs & Analytics

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Economic Development Center

We are creating an ecosystem of space, support, and contract opportunities.

Technology Training and Startup Support are vital for creating wealth.

Creating value and intellectual property have been proven to change lives.

We are bringing these valuable constructs to disadvantaged communities.

With our partners, we will change our culture from consumerism to social productivity.

Decision Makers & Gatekeepers, we need your help!

We need corporate and political partners to bring Village Squared into fruition.

The 21st Century Business Card. Your website will probably be your organization's first impression. Singularity designs will make it your most valuable one as well.

Website Design

Every day, you're busy doing what you do best; running your operations. What we do best is taking the minutia of periodic website updates off your hands.

Web Management

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter are treasure chests for brand building and new business. Let us handle your conversations, content, business inquires & more.

Social Media Strategy

Mobile divices are the number one most commonly used platform for internet access. To introduce your brand to the global market, there's an app for that, or there should be.

Mobile Applications

In a perpetually evolving landscape of devices, we keep up with the most effective methods for engaging users on their platforms of choice.

UX/UI Designing

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em (then beat 'em). Let's capitalize on the website traffic of organizations with an established digital footprint.

Digital Advertising

Every year, the amount of online purchases increases, disrupting brick & morter business. Fortify your revenue streams with a virtual store.


The digital universe maxinimzes the value of models like monthly and annual subscriptions. We help you launch packages which increase the consistency of your income.

Members & Subscriptions

Technologists are uncovering valuable ways of overlaying the digital universe onto the physical. Capitalize on virtual & augmented reality to differentiate your brand.

3D Virtual & Augmented Reality

Growing Singularity

Our Client: Ourselves! Sometimes, we need to self-reflect to grow.

Throughout 2019, we will be launching sustainable, high-demand services.

On social media, we will provide a network for sales & content on social change.

We have a 3 Year Marketing Gig as a vendor for the City of New Rochelle.

We have also founded a series of community groups & subsidiaries to meet market needs.

2018 was the Set Up.. Now, it's #KnockItDown2019!!

Our Coup de Grâce is an e-commerce app for you to buy from communities you love!

We are still accepting projects, so contact us if you need help!

We want in on helping you succeed from the ground up. Let Singularity shape your vision into real world strategies. We will help your vision and ideas hit the ground, running.

Start-Up Entrepreneurs

Economic Development is our priority. Community Relations is our speciality. Let us know what your goals are, and how we can help you bridge gaps with constituents.


Thank you for your service to our global community. We help with assessing impact & continuity planning so you maximize on what you do best, changing the world.


Our Gig Economy bretheren have a special place in our heart. Tell us your talents & services. We might end up contracting each other.

Experts & Consultants

We are an impartial advisors on taking your business to the next level. We help you get over the adoption chasm by finding ways to reinforce your best practices.

Small Business

Everybody needs somebody, sometimes. Bring us in to round out the requirements of your RFPs, or strategize fulfillment for those pesky, out-of-the-blue client requests.

Contractors & Vendors

Congratulations on your success. We help you manage your data strategy, help you clean up your supply chain & help you reinforce an infrastructure for sustainability.


We help you create shared value, bringing your capital infusion to the startups with the greatest potential for growth, but the least access to the resources they need for success.

Venture Capitalists

We introduce you to public & private organizations which need your resources the most & hold them accountable for their most effective use. Thank you for your help.


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