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The fact, quality, or condition of being singular. Uniqueness.

Market Strategies

Our global market has infinite possibilities

Strategy helps enterprise capitalize on opportunity

Professionals need help uncovering new prospects

Singularity is here to engage you with your markets

Our strategies help cultivate your unique potential

Product Management

Creative New Media

Marketing Strategy

Public Relations

Competitive Strategy

Project Management

KPIs & Analytics

Business Development

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Superintelligence triggering runaway technological growth

Digital Strategy

Mankind has discovered a separate, digital universe

The web has made Billionaires of dropouts & children

The second tech revolution is closer than the horizon

Technology will create our world’s first Trillionaire

Explore your digital universe with Singularity strategies

Website Design

Web Management

Social Media Strategy

Mobile Applications

UX/UI Designing

3D Virtual & Augmented Reality

Digital Advertising


Members & Subscriptions


A system taking on an infinite value, such as a black hole

Clients & Partnerships

Singularity works with a diversity of professionals

Organizations need help delivering market demands

Municipalities engage constituents to meet social needs

Students need modern education and new opportunities

We cultivate our network into a collaborative ecosystem

We achieve our goals, & create opportunity, together

Start-Up Entrepreneurs

Experts & Consultants

Small Business

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Venture Capitalists

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