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Building Your World in the Digital Universe

Singularity constructs and manages digital properties. In the internet age of opportunity, let us build your world in the digital universe.

Websites & Digital Media

Customized strategy guides grow your business with data driven best practices. Your craft is your specialty. We are here to further your success.

Growth Strategy Guides

To build your digital footprint & grow your business best, we are developing our own. Here is our history and plans for the future.

Our Growing Singularity

A Growing Singularity

The Logo of Village Squared

Economic Development Center

We are creating an ecosystem of space, support, and contract opportunities.

Technology Training and Startup Support are vital for creating wealth.

Creating value and intellectual property have been proven to change lives.

We are bringing these valuable constructs to disadvantaged communities.

With our partners, we will change our culture from consumerism to social productivity.

Decision Makers & Gatekeepers, we need your help!

We need corporate and political partners to bring Village Squared into fruition.

Growing Singularity

Our Client: Ourselves! Sometimes, we need to self-reflect to grow.

Throughout 2019, we will be launching sustainable, high-demand services.

On social media, we will provide a network for sales & content on social change.

We have a 3 Year Marketing Gig as a vendor for the City of New Rochelle.

We have also founded a series of community groups & subsidiaries to meet market needs.

2018 was the Set Up... Now, it's #KnockItDown2019!!

Our Coup de GrĂ¢ce is an e-commerce app for you to buy from communities you love!

If you need help building your digital brand, contact us!!

Ideal Clientele

Operating a business is a lonely road, but you are not alone. We are here to serve & help you capitalize on new opportunies.

Startups & Small Businesses

Thank you for serving our global community. We maximize your internal & external sustainability for you to continue changing our world.


Economic Development & Community Relations is our speciality. We help bring your vision into fruition for your constituents.


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The condition of being singular. Uniqueness

Superintelligence causing unstoppable technological growth

A system of infinite value, such as a black hole

A significant source of value in a pivotal time of change

We are the definition of Singularity