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Building Your World in the Digital Universe

Singularity constructs and manages digital properties. In the internet age of opportunity, let us build your world in the digital universe.

Websites & Digital Media

Customized strategy guides grow business with data driven best practices. Your craft is your specialty. We are here to further your success.

Growth Strategy Guides

To build your digital footprint & grow your business best, we are developing our own. Here is our history and plans for the future.

Our Growing Singularity

Web Development & Digital Advertising

We love doing work for local businesses, like Biz G87 Art Gallery in Larchmont, NY.

Their owner Ximena needed their res*o*nance exhibition added to their existing site before the next day. We came at noon & added res*o*nance to her site in hours. We even met the incredible artist Sally Maca!

Check out res*o*nance here, or at 1987 Palmer Ave in Larchmont, NY.

Contact us any time you need a new website, (or changes to your current site).

The 21st Century Business Card. Your website will probably be your organization's first impression. Singularity designs will make it your most valuable one as well.

Website Design & Editing

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter are treasure chests for brand building and new business. Let us handle your conversations, content, business inquires & more.

Social Media Strategy

Mobile devices are the number one most commonly used platform for internet access. To introduce your brand to the global market, there's an app for that, or there should be.

Mobile Applications

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em (then beat 'em). Let's capitalize on the website traffic of organizations with an established digital footprint.

Digital Ads & E-Mails

The digital universe maximizes the value of models like monthly and annual subscriptions. We help you launch packages which increase the consistency of your income.

Members & Subscriptions

Every year, the amount of online purchases increases, disrupting brick & mortar business. Fortify your revenue streams with a virtual store.


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The condition of being singular. Uniqueness

Superintelligence causing unstoppable technological growth

A system of infinite value, such as a black hole

A significant source of value in a pivotal time of change

We are the definition of Singularity