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Building Your World in the Digital Universe

Singularity constructs and manages digital properties. In the internet age of opportunity, let us build your world in the digital universe.

Websites & Digital Media

Customized strategy guides grow your business with data driven best practices. Your craft is your specialty. We are here to further your success.

Growth Strategy Guides

To build your digital footprint & grow your business best, we are developing our own. Here is our history and plans for the future.

Our Growing Singularity

Business Strategy Guides

New York State

We helped our city secure $10 Million Dollars to revitalize a historically disadvantaged community.

We worked with community leaders, the Lincoln Avenue Task Force, a minority-owned cinematography firm, and the Department of Development to secure this state grant.

Contact us to hunt for grants & financing for you.

Visit the New Rochelle DRI site to see their progress.

Singularity helps your organization maximize your geographic reach. We get your brand, products, & services in front of your target market.

Advertising & PR Strategy

Our Bread & Butter. Tell us your problems & opportunities. We plan, execute & manage solutions through programs. Our mission, to bring you whichever solutions you need most.

Project Management

In our world of short attention spans, media is crucial for consumer engagement. Singularity designs or produces attractive creative media with influential advertising appeals.

New Media Design

We help you differentiate through innovation, or adopt your industry's most successful best practices. With the right strategy, your competitor might become your next best client.

Competitive Strategy

Not just "sales". Let us introduce you to a consumer orientation. We help design your sales pipeline & POS to increase transaction size and frequency, while bringing in referrals.

Business Development

We uncover the motivations of your clients, their decision makers & gatekeepers. Fostering long-term, mutually beneficial relationships leads to organizational success.

Client Relations

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The condition of being singular. Uniqueness

Superintelligence causing unstoppable technological growth

A system of infinite value, such as a black hole

A significant source of value in a pivotal time of change

We are the definition of Singularity